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The Atkins and SNC Graduate Challenge consists of 300 graduates pledging to raise £100 each. The 19 teams will compete for a prize and the famous Graduate Challenge trophy.

The Atkins and SNC Graduate Challenge has raised over £100,000 for RedR UK over the past The support from the Graduate Challenge over the past 7 years has totalled to a phenomenal impact on RedR UK’s humanitarian work around the world. The Challenge has raised over £100,000 in recent years and each £110  is a vital contribution to that total. Each year, we look forward to the unique ideas that the teams come up with and enjoy hearing about the events and methods of fundraising the teams think of.

The challenge ran for 7 weeks in total and finished on the 28th of November. Graduates from Bristol to Edinburgh have been competing and challengning themselves in their teamsl; hiking Snowdon by night, running half marathons and completing the Five Peaks Challenge in the Lake District

Thank you to everyone for taking part and contributing to the great support we receive from Atkins and SNC that enables us to continue our work. So far you have raised over £20,000 and the money is still coming in!

Graduate Engagement

Team bonding and social activity is a great way to ease your graduates into their new company. Why not suggest that some of your graduate cohort complete a challenge for RedR UK? Whether it be one of our very own Disaster Relief Challenges, a mud run or a trekking challenge. Get in touch with to find out more. 

Graduate Engagement