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Competency Frameworks to enhance Global Nutrition Cluster coordination and information management

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RedR UK is proud to have developed Competency Frameworks for Information Management and Cluster Coordination for the Global Nutrition Cluster, led by UNICEF.

Anna Ziolkovska, Deputy Global Nutrition Cluster Coordinator, explains: "The frameworks are a set of competencies and associated behaviours, skills and knowledge, that cluster coordinators and information managers need to perform their professional roles effectively. They help focus staff behavior on things that matter most to an organization and help drive success in this increasingly complex humanitarian setting in which we are operating."

The frameworks have been developed by Red UK through a consultative process, which involved several stages:  a review of the literature relating to existing competency frameworks from the humanitarian and development sectors as well as other resources, including terms of references, checklists, job descriptions, training materials on relevant subjects, and strategic plans; key informant interviews, several rounds of drafting, review and feedback. The process also involved reviewing information gathered from other Clusters and Global Nutrition Cluster partners and observers through a combination of interviews, surveys and desk research.  

Keti Khurtsia, RedR UK Programme Manager, explains: “RedR UK works around the world building the knowledge and skills of individuals and organisations for effective humanitarian action.  Our unique position enables us to act as an honest and neutral broker to the sector, supporting the sharing of best practice, promoting quality and accountability, and developing professional knowledge and skills to help improve performance.” 

The Education Cluster, WASH Cluster and Child Protection Area of Responsibility participated in the consultation process and, in order to ensure consistency and continuity, they have now also adopted the adapted versions of the competency frameworks for their own use. 

While the primary audience of the competency frameworks is staff working in UNICEF-led Clusters/ Area of Responsibility, the frameworks can be adapted for use by other staff as well. 

The development of the frameworks was funded by UNICEF. 

Download the 2 Competency Frameworks