Key Projects

Standardising Learning and Assessment Provision in the Humanitarian Sector

We have been working with the humanitarian community to co-create standards to guide the provision of quality learning and assessment within the sector.

RedR has partnered with Bioforce Institute and Pearson, with funding and support from the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, to facilitate the creation of standards for the provision of learning and assessment within the humanitarian sector.

We are very pleased to share with you the pilot draft of the Learning and Assessment Provider Standards:

Learning Provider Standards
Assessment Provider Standards

The drafting team analysed 1,155 comments as well as input received from over 400 stakeholders from 382 organisations from more than 60 countries in the co-creation of these standards.

Thanks to this global effort, the draft standards are ready for piloting. The team is now hard at work drafting the guidance and support material to accompany the Standards in preparation for piloting the standards in 2018.

Key stakeholders in the sector are invited to pilot the standards, including local, national and international NGOs, learning and assessment providers for humanitarian action, governments, United Nations, and academic institutions. The piloting phase will begin in April 2018.

The standards will soon also be available in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish.


Get Involved!

If your organisation is interested in becoming an early adopter of the Standards watch this space. Information on the support available and selection process for the piloting phase will be available soon.

You can join our Writers’ Group and help us draft the guidance and support materials to accompany the standards. To request to join please contact the team directly at

If you would like more information or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  In the meantime, help us share the standards and spread the word about the future of learning and assessment in the humanitarian sector!

Why these standards were developed

These standards provide relevant criteria to measure the quality of learning provision. They can be used by learning providers as a basis for verifying their performance and to guide improvements.

They are designed for use by organisations, companies, departments and institutes providing learning services to anyone involved in humanitarian action.

Learning providers that meet these standards are contributing to an overarching commitment that people involved in humanitarian action have access to quality learning programmes that will enable them to operate more effectively.

This work is part of the broader HPass initiative.

Why these standards were developed

The Standard's Journey

Our Partners

Pearson Education is an education organisation that helps charities to have a social impact through learning.

Humanitarian Leadership Academy is a global learning initiative set up to facilitate partnerships and collaborative opportunities to enable people to prepare and respond to crises in their own countries. 

Bioforce Institute is a non-profit organisation that provides training, support and accredited certification to national and international crisis response stakeholders, both individuals and organisations.