East Africa CCADRR Goat Roast


East Africa CCADRR Goat Roast

Join back together with your fellow course participants!

Join our impact workshop, a chance to reconnect with your fellow participants, share your stories of using your new CCADRR skills, and hear from some exciting guest speakers!

This short workshop will include:

  • A chance to meet again with your course friends and facilitators!
  • Hearing from an expert in CCADRR in East Africa about developments in the sector, and how you can continue to build your skills and get involved
  • The opportunity to share your stories and feedback on how you have used your CCADRR skills and knowledge back in your work or life, 3 months after attending the programme
  • The opportunity to connect with your fellow participants, and hear their stories of how they have used their CCADRR skills

The workshop will be 1 hour long, with a 15 minute networking period alongside. Whilst we can't get a real goat to roast for this occasion, we hope this virtual get-together is a good substitute!

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Course Length
1 day
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