Damage Assessments (2023 Türkiye-Syria earthquake response) - English


Damage Assessments (2023 Türkiye-Syria earthquake response) - English

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Develop your structural engineering skills to assess damage and make informed decisions on whether to repair or dismantle damaged buildings

RedR UK is offering a free-of-charge, innovative, high-quality online training course aiming to provide structural engineers in Syria and Türkiye the tools, skills, and knowledge to better assess damages and make informed decisions on whether to repair or dismantle a building or seek expert advice.

The facilitated module uses participatory methods and it is expected that learners will participate in discussions and activities in order to deepen their understanding of the concepts that are discussed. Participants will be offered opportunities to share relevant personal experiences and reflections to benefit their own and others' learning.

Module Aim

To support engineers, shelter and construction professions in Syria and Türkiye to assess structural damages to buildings in the aftermath of the 2023 earthquake.

Module Objectives

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between earthquake and blast loading and the critical design considerations for each
  • Determine the fundamental behaviour of a structural system and how will load transfer throughout the structure.
  • Determine the types of failure that can occur in a local element and how to visually identify them on site.
  • Describe the methods of structural analysis for the purpose of performance-based design.
  • Determine the most suitable retrofit approach for different structural defects locally or globally.
  • Describe good construction practices for a retrofit or repair for a resilient structure.

Course Structure

The module comprises one live facilitated sessions, of 120 minutes duration. Participants will be asked to review some materials prior to the session.

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How to join?

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Who should I contact if I have a question or query?

Please email engineering.skills@redr.org.uk.


For this module, RedR UK is also offering HPass Badging. An HPass badge is a digital indicator of achievement and a way for participants to demonstrate their skills and experience. More information on HPass Badging can be found  here: https://hpass.org/hpass-for-individuals/.  

Participants will be able to redeem a badge through a link sent after the module.

RedR UK is committed to making sure everyone’s needs are met, including people of different genders, ages and disabilities. If you have any specific access requirements or learning needs RedR are committed to try and make reasonable adjustments to support your needs, please email engineering.skills@redr.org.uk at any stage of the booking process to talk directly to RedR about your needs.

Course Overview

Course Length
1 day
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