Climate Risk Assessments


Climate Risk Assessments

Learn how to complete a Climate Risk Assessment, and design adaptation measures which would increase communities adaptive capacity.

This is an interactive online course on climate risk assessments and risk management. It is predominantly for participants of the RedR UK Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction programme.

RedR UK is offering an innovative, high-quality online training course where you will work your way through a climate risk assessment (CRA) process, using a specially designed tool that you can take away with you. This module is an interactive and practical course on assessing adaptive capacities, analysing community climate vulnerability, and identifying adaptive strategies and measures.

The training consists of a series of webinars for participants to engage with, before joining a live, practical seminar (see time details on this page for the live session). In total, participants will be expected to spend about 3 hours on this training.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the components for carrying out a CRA, and discuss the tools that can be used to implement it.
  • Analyse case study documents, and use your own knowledge, to determine the existing capacities, required capacities, and level of adaptive capacity, in the case study's water scarce villages in north-east Uganda.
  • Design adaptation strategies for the water-scare, dryland area in the case study region.

**Please note there are limited spaces on each module, and we will be operating a first-come, first-serve policy**


This course is predominantly designed for participants who have been through the 6-week RedR UK Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction programme. However, places will also be given to participants in NGOs, humanitarian organizations, local and national government, or private sector, who are CCA and DRR practitioners. The course will be delivered in English.


For this module, RedR UK is also offering HPass Badging. An HPass badge is a digital indicator of achievement, and a way for participants to demonstrate their skills and experience. More information on HPass Badging can be found here. Participants will be able to redeem a badge through a link sent after the module.


RedR UK is committed to making sure everyone’s needs are met, including people of different genders, ages and disabilities. If you have any specific access requirements or learning needs RedR are committed to try and make reasonable adjustments to support your needs, please email climatechange@redr.org.uk at any stage of the booking process to talk directly to RedR about your needs.

RedR UK’s Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction project is kindly funded by AXA XL.

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