Staying Effective - English (MEQ)


Staying Effective - English (MEQ)

This module examines some basic components to staying effective when working in response to the 2023 Morocco earthquake humanitarian crisis.

To access an Arabic language version please check our website: https://www.redr.org.uk/Training-Learning/Morocco-Earthquake-Emergency-Response

This unit covers some of the essential elements of staying effective while working in the humanitarian crisis response to the Morocco earthquake in 2023, , all emergency responders are welcome.

If you have registered to participate and are no longer able to attend you should let us know by emailing engineering.skills@redr.org.uk

Although this course is free, places on this course are very limited and notifying us that you cannot attend allows us to give your place to someone on the waiting list and keep these courses free for the future.

Understand the importance of focusing on staying effective in emergency situations.

The organization offers a free, innovative, high-quality online training course aimed at providing technical responders of all specialties in Morocco with an understanding of strategies and approaches to understanding how to remain effective in humanitarian response, including the importance of safety, security and well-being.

The facilitated unit uses participatory methods and learners are expected to participate in discussions and activities to deepen their understanding of the concepts discussed. Participants will have opportunities to share relevant personal experiences and reflections to benefit their own learning and the learning of others.

The first part of the module provides a foundation for understanding basic personal safety, including assessing your personal behavior and risk profile, developing full situational awareness, and undertaking a rapid and dynamic risk assessment.

The second part of the module covers techniques for staying effective, including techniques for managing stress and remaining effective during a crisis

Unit goal

Supporting participants to remain effective in their work as part of the Morocco earthquake response

Unit objectives

Describe situational awareness and explain its safety benefit.

Explain how to conduct a dynamic risk assessment and evaluate information sources.

Identify signs and symptoms of poor mental health and list possible solutions.

Identify the essential elements of personal effectiveness and staying healthy.

Course structure

The module consists of three live sessions, each session lasting 60 minutes

Total: 180 minutes

What is the language of training?


Who should attend?

The unit targets those responding to Morocco's humanitarian crisis due to the earthquake however all emergency responders are more that welcome to register and attend.

This course is offered free of charge; On a first come first served basis. We will be creating a waiting list, so please message us if the course is already full so we can remember you if anyone withdraws.

How to join?

Live sessions are hosted online via Zoom. Participants may join the training via browser, which offers limited access to some interactive features of the training. Participants are expected to have a stable internet connection and we expect active participation in all facilitated sessions.

If you have completed registration and are no longer able to attend, please cancel your place through the website, as this will enable us to offer your place to someone else on the waiting list.

Who should I contact if I have a question or concern?


HPASS badges

For this module, the organization provides these badges, which are a digital indicator of achievement and a way for participants to demonstrate their skills and experience. More information about the badges can be found from this link:


Participants will be able to redeem a badge through a link sent after the module

To ensure that the needs of everyone are met, including people of different genders, ages and people with disabilities, the organization is committed to trying to make reasonable adjustments to support the organisation. If you have any special access requirements or special learning needs, please email your needs to speak directly with the organization to:


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Course Length
1 day
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