Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction-East Africa (Online Training)


Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction-East Africa (Online Training)

Develop the competencies to respond to and advocate for improved interventions around climate change and disaster risk reduction.

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This is an interactive online course on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.

RedR UK is offering an innovative, high-quality online training course aiming to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to respond to and advocate for improved action around climate change and disaster risk reduction.

The course is contextualized to East Africa and uses case studies throughout to support development of DRR activities that allow for the adaptation and mitigation of the impact of climate change.

The training is a 6-week fully online course with a mix of live and asynchronous (offline) content every week, delivered on RedR UK’s dedicated e-learning platform. The course requires a commitment of around 6 -7 hours a week from participants.

Please ensure that you will be able to able to attend all parts of the course before registering as we only have a certain number of places available.

There will be two different choices on offer for this course, depending on how you prefer to learn and your time schedules. Each week, all participants will be required to attend a live seminar (2 hours a week, in different time slots) plus complete relevant pre-seminar work (to be done on your own time, around 3 hours a week). Participants can then choose either:

- The practical session stream: attending an additional one and a half hour practical session, where participants work in group on a real-life scenario, putting their skills from the week into practice. This will be better suited to those who enjoy learning through doing and working groups, and will be able to join one live session a week besides the 2-hour online seminar.

- The individual assignment stream: completing a written task and submitting it to the e-learning platform for feedback. This can be done on your own time within the week, and will be better suited to those who enjoy working individually, or those who will struggle to join one live online session besides the 2-hour online seminar.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

• Describe climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction, and how to incorporate these practices in your organisation’s operations

• Discuss the key factors associated with climate change science

• Describe relevant implementation and operational activities for climate change

• Explain methods for communication of climate change activities with stakeholders

• Discuss practical climate change and DRR measures for relevant sectors, including health, agriculture and livelihoods


This course is designed for people at management level in NGOs, humanitarian organizations, local and national government, or private sector, with a climate change and/or disaster response remit within East Africa. The course will be delivered in English.

HPass Badging

For this module, RedR UK is also offering HPass Badging. An HPass badge is a digital indicator of achievement, and a way for participants to demonstrate their skills and experience. More information on HPass Badging can be found here. Participants will be able to redeem a badge through a link sent after the module.

RedR UK is committed to making sure everyone’s needs are met, including people of different genders, ages and disabilities. If you have any specific access requirements or learning needs RedR are committed to try and make reasonable adjustments to support your needs, please email at any stage of the booking process to talk directly to RedR about your needs.

RedR UK’s Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction project is kindly funded by AXA XL.

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40 days
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