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Our Tailor-Made Consultancy services are here to support you with organisational development and change.

Drawing on our large pool of RedR UK Associates we can provide experienced humanitarians, technical experts, and facilitators to support you at any stage of the programme cycle: from needs assessment and analysis, through strategic planning and implementation, to monitoring and evaluation.

Our consultancy services can be based on any of thematic areas in which RedR UK works

Specific services may include:

  • Skills audits
  • Learning needs assessments
  • Documentary review
  • Development of policy, process or tools
  • Site assessments
  • Partner visits
  • Risk assessment
  • Project evaluations
  • Design and facilitation of workshops, simulations, and events

For example:

  • We worked with We Effect, to support their HQ and country teams to develop and implement security management plans and policies
  • In partnership with RedR Indonesia, we carried out a Learning Capacity and Market Assessment of the humanitarian sector in Indonesia, on behalf of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy
  • On behalf of Save the Children, we carried out a consultation review into the value of individual humanitarian capacity building

Working with RedR was great as they managed to guide us towards concepts and plans that are in line with professional standards in security management while taking into account the specifics of the way we work as an organisation. As a consequence we now have concepts that are both state of the art and are very well adapted to our overall structures and strategies.

David Kowertz


Suggested Programmes


Verbal communication is our primary form of interaction, yet, it is often not used mindfully or effectively. VoicePrint is an innovative approach that focuses on how much and how well individuals use nine ‘voices’, each of which plays an essential part in effective interaction. The VoicePrint methodology helps individuals to understand and improve their command of the nine voices and unlock organisational performance.

Individual profiles – Complete the VoicePrint Self-Perception questionnaire and receive an individualised profile report and session with a qualified VoicePrint consultant who will guide you through a reflection on your profile, identifying strengths, potential challenges and areas for development.

360 profiles – to build on the understanding gained from the individual report, the VoicePrint 360 Questionnaire invites those around an individual to report on how they hear that individual. This provides feedback on how your communication is heard and received. By comparing this to the self-perception report, valuable insights are generated and discussed with a VoicePrint consultant during a 1-1 session.

Group profiles – to understand the communication trends within a team, both in normal circumstances and when under pressure, a group profile can be created from self-perception and/or 360 data. A half-day session with the whole team will explore the group profile in detail, identifying tendencies, impacts of these, and priorities for development.

Suggested Programmes

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