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Simulations are an effective way to engage new stakeholders, test systems and processes, assess staff performance, or enhance learning and behaviour change.

At RedR, we are using simulation methodologies for all these purposes, in our own courses, and in our interactions with other humanitarian actors. Through our Tailor-made service, we design learning solutions using simulation exercises ranging from an hour, to several days in length.

Why use a simulation?

  • Quickly engage participants in a hands-on exercise
  • Provide a safe environment in which to learn through doing
  • Use real roles, systems and processes to test how these function in a simulated emergency
  • Place participants in a situation of stress to understand how they react and respond
  • Capture learning and individual, team and organisational levels

What does a simulation look like?

Our simulation work is wide-ranging, and is most effective when it is designed to meet your specific needs, audience, operating model and working context. We have designed simulations for groups of 4 to 250, for the training room, for office spaces, and for field sites. We have used real humanitarian emergency contexts, and fictionalised situations, depending on the purpose of the exercise and experience of the group.

For RedR, debrief is an essential component of a simulation exercise. Our facilitators lead the group through a three-part debrief process which considers the task, the individual and team, in order to capture learning which can be fed back in to improve working processes and support organisational change and learning.


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