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For organisations looking to train several members of staff, with specialist needs or limited time, our Tailor-Made Training service is the most effective way to meet your objectives.

We offer high quality, experiential, field-based, and participatory learning options. We are very proud of the quality of our work and maintain our principles of learning through participation and experience.

All of our courses use active-learning methods to encourage participants to participate and share their existing knowledge as well as develop new skills. Many of our courses include simulations, in which participants experience the challenges and intensity of working in disaster response. We constantly encourage participant and trainer feedback and have robust monitoring and evaluation systems to review and react to this feedback, continuously improving what we do.

Our Tailor-Made Training service covers:

  • Delivery of existing RedR UK content at a time and place of their choice
  • Adaptation, integration and contextualization of existing content to meet specific learning needs / to cater to specific target audience
  • Development of fully tailored materials based on specificities of client organization and participants


Suggested Programmes

Our Tailor-Made Training covers a wide range of topics, from Shelter to People Management. We are also happy to develop other programmes and topics on request. 

Suggested Programmes
Increase productivity and prevent burn out.


RedR UK is working with Bird Coaching to offer a range of pick and mix workshops designed to build resilience in your team to increase productivity and prevent burn out. Available sessions include:

Stress signals – identify the different types of stress and the ways in which it shows itself. The session teaches 5 practical strategies to tackle stress and invites attendees to practice them within the session.

Boundaries and self-management – identify your individual purpose and vision, and that of your organisation, before considering the boundaries you need to operate effectively within these by learning when to say yes and when to say no, and how to identify and correct self-sabotaging thoughts and actions.

Courageous conversations – improve understanding within your team, calmer internal dialogues and create breakthroughs in relationships by learning the steps to having courageous conversations and saying what you mean in a constructive way.

Are you ready to manage an organisational crisis?


 Our crisis management package supports you and your team to ensure you are, by simulating a crisis in a safe, learning environment.

We will work with you to identify the threats your face, and steps you will take in the event of these, before building these in to a tailored simulation exercise. The simulation can be run with an HQ or field team, or a combination, working together to respond to the scenario. Your organisational specifics will be incorporated into the simulation including crisis response plans, operating environments, mission and mandate.

A thorough debrief at individual, team and task levels will ensure that learning is identified and captured to improve organisational practice going forward.

This package can be paired with our consultancy services, for example, to support you to develop security and crisis management plans, teams, and tools, before inducting the team on these through the simulation.

Tailor-Made Training

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