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To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, join us in our Big40 fundraising challenge!

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By the age of 40 you could call us boomers. WRONG - we are booming!

40 years into our life and it’s safe to say we are stronger than ever and continue to help people around the world by equipping aid workers with the skills and knowledge they need to respond to disaster relief at the highest possible level.

Our 40th year has been an interesting one, so far. 2020 has had the word ‘disaster’ pinned to the comments section, since January. We’re happy to have played a huge role in helping people to get through the year as unscathed as possible - from our Philippines initiative to our first ever UK programme that helped train life-savers from NGOs, Government, Humanitarian Aid organisations and just regular people in the fight against COVID-19.

I joined RedR UK as Programmes Transition Director in early 2020. We’ve faced and mastered some extraordinary circumstances so far. It’s been quite a ride, but I’m excited to be part of it. To celebrate RedR UK’s 40th Anniversary we had planned to host a big event to raise funds to support our operation and projects. However, due to COVID-19, we’re doing things differently...it’s 2020 and this is our new normal!

Richard Dietrich

Programmes Transition Director, RedR UK

Richard Dietrich

To officially celebrate our 40th this year, we have launched the RedR UK Big40 challenge on social media and we ask you to join us and help us put the fun back into fundraising! 

All the funds we raise will go towards helping us train more life-savers in the fight against COVID-19! You can read more about those courses here.

How to Get Involved


You choose a Big40 challenge, meaning you choose what 40 things you want to challenge yourself with. It can be as simple or complex as you like, but easier is always breezier!

Here’s some ideas for you if you’re struggling to think of something…

  • Eat 40 strawberries
  • Do 40 star jumps or burpees if you’re feeling strong
  • Take 40 mindful breaths
  • Stroke your cat 40 times 
  • Shove 40 marshmallows in your mouth
  • Run for 40 kilometres. Joking! 40 metres is much more realistic


Post an image or a video of you doing the challenge on a social media platform of your choice. 

REMEMBER to tag @RedRUK and hashtag #RedRBig40 

We’re mostly on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram so you can complete the challenge on any of those platforms. 


Donate as much or as little as you like! Remember that every penny counts. 

You can donate through our Just Giving page here

If you cannot spare any money, you can still do the challenge and get other people to sponsor you. 

It’s important to spread the word and nominate people who would be up for it. Which leads us on to Step 4…


Tag 4 friends to do the same!

Campaign Dates and Deadlines

We’re hoping to spread this campaign far and wide to help achieve our fundraising goals and continue to train life-savers around the world in the fight against COVID-19.

So, please help us put the fun back into fundraising and join in! 

The end date of this fundraising campaign is three months from now, so get those entries in, get posting, tagging and sharing the love!

RedR UK Big 40 Challenge Launch Video