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Richard was first introduced to RedR through his work at BP

For the last several years, BP engineers have worked closely with RedR, raising over $500,000 and creating awareness for RedR’s global humanitarian work. Previous initiatives include taking on Mount Kilimanjaro, trekking to Machu Picchu, a Sunbury to Paris cycle and walking the Great Wall of China.  

Richard Stacey has previously taken part in the Mount Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu treks and now he has bravely signed up to take part in the 2017 Trek to Petra. We hope the trek will help to raise awareness and vital funds to support our work. And before setting off on the trek, participants will get the chance to meet RedR’s in-country staff and local aid workers who have received training and are responding to the ongoing crisis.  

We interviewed Richard to find out why he is completing another challenge for RedR

Why have you signed up to the Petra Trek 2017?

“I’ve done a couple of the RedR challenges in the past and they are great fun, they get you fit, are immensely satisfying to complete, and most importantly they raise money for a cause that is often overlooked. Being an engineer, I strongly relate to the work RedR does and I feel that I am well placed to share their work with my network and contacts, to hopefully raise a good amount of money.

The plight of refugees fleeing Syria is hard to comprehend and I think by trekking across the Jordanian desert, with few amenities, may be a small way to better understand and share their story.”

What were some of your highlights of the Kilimanjaro trek you did with RedR previously?

“The whole challenge was a highlight – in raising funds and awareness I met some great people and was amazed at the generosity and interest people showed. The climb itself was unbelievable; the scenery and beauty of the national park, the camaraderie amongst the team and the local guides, the food and the overall experience and satisfaction of challenging myself mentally and physically is something I’ll never forget. “

What you are most excited about with regards to the 2017 trek?

“I’m really excited about experiencing a difference culture, physically and mentally challenging myself and seeing one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. I’m also looking forward to engaging with colleagues from across BP to share with them the work RedR does.”

Not only do you see a new part of the world, you get to share your passion and your charity work with your colleagues, friends and family.  I get a real sense of satisfaction seeing the funds come in, seeing people support a cause - it’s a big sense of achievement. 

Richard Stacey

BP engineer and serial RedR Challenge fundraiser