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Yousra is a mental health physician, with experience working with many different organisations, locally and internationally.

Working with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) as a Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Capacity Building Assistant, she runs training and workshops on mental health, especially for migrant groups in schools and other community contexts.  She is also the founder of Mwja, an enterprise providing training and raising community awareness about mental health. Yousra is experienced in supporting people through crisis contexts. In 2019, she founded an NGO platform to raise awareness around managing stress created by the civil war in Libya. 

The flood in Libya, caused by the breaking of two dams following Storm Daniel on 11 September 2023, caused over 30,000 people to lose their homes, with more than 10,000 people having lost their lives. The disaster causes widespread psychological trauma for those affected by the flood, as well as for those who respond.  

“I received many calls regarding psychological assistance for affected people”, says Yousra. “This prompted me to think about preparing a training programme. There is so much need. I wanted to qualify others in providing psychosocial first aid sessions. Even at a basic level, we need to make sure the right help is available to the right person, at the right time.” 

Through RedR’s Training of Trainers programme, Yousra developed her skills in online training delivery, learning to improve interactivity, and ensure participants take in what they’re learning. "In addition to a certificate that may help me develop my career”, says Yousra, “valuable information and a network of relationships with trainers and attendees is the biggest gain for me.” 

Equipped to develop her own online training for mental health support workers working with those affected by the Libya floods, Yousra is launching her own online programme in February 2024. With specific expertise for disaster contexts, Yousra will pass on her expertise in psychological first aid, self-care for responders, and empower her participants to begin their own basic steps to facilitate support group for adults and children.  

Thanks for your support for RedR’s work in Libya, generously supported by H2H and FCDO. If you’d like to give financially to support this and similar projects for disaster-affected communities all over the world, you can do so here

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