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Pakistan (2010/2016)

RedR established a permanent presence in Pakistan in the wake of the floods of 2010.

In late 2016, we reluctantly made the decision to scale down our operations due to a lack of funding. However, we remain registered in Pakistan and are actively seeking the means to re-start our work.

Pakistan is extremely vulnerable to natural disasters such as flooding and earthquakes, which have in recent years destroyed homes and communities and left millions of people internally displaced.

The security situation in the country also remains volatile. Bombings and attacks on schools and humanitarian workers by armed militia groups are a threat to communities - and challenge efforts to improve lives and prospects.

Our Programme

In Pakistan, RedR has consistently focused on training those who are first to respond to both natural and man-made disasters.

Because of significant challenges faced by international organisations who attempt to reach affected populations, a growing number of local organisations and government departments are left to deliver urgently-needed aid, including shelter, water and sanitation. 

Their workers are dedicated, but often inexperienced, or lacking in certain skills. We provide training to enable them to deal with emergencies, and to prepare for future disasters.

Through our Safer Schools programme, teachers working in high-risk regions are trained in first aid, disaster risk reduction, fire safety, safe evacuation and psychosocial support. They go on to share these skills with colleagues and pupils who, in turn, pass on the knowledge to parents and other community members. In this way, life-saving skills are shared through entire communities.

Children in Swat District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, learn how to evacuate safely during an earthquake.
Children in Swat District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, learn how to evacuate safely during an earthquake.

Laiba Bibi's Story

Eleven-year-old Laiba Bibi lives with her parents, brother and sister in Upper Badwan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. When an earthquake struck in October 2015, she was inside her house. Thanks to Laiba’s quick thinking - and the training she’d received from RedR - her family escaped unharmed.

"I was sitting at home when the ground started shaking," remembers Laiba. "When it became really strong, we walked slowly outside, as I had been taught to do. When we turned around, we saw the house collapse behind us. I thank God that we left the house when we did, and that no-one was inside when it collapsed." Read more.

Laiba Bibi's Story

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