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HPass: a big step in learning and development for humanitarians

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As the frequency and complexity of humanitarian crises continues to rise, there is increasing demand for a highly skilled and flexible workforce, capable of preparing for and responding more effectively to evolving and unforeseen crises.

For organisations involved in humanitarian preparedness and response, investing in learning and the development of staff and volunteers is no longer a luxury, but an urgent necessity. 

HPass responds to the need for consistent professional development and learning for humanitarians, who move frequently between organisations and locations, and need their skills and experience to be recognised in order to be deployed quickly, especially during emergency response.

HPass is an essential resource for humanitarian staff and volunteers, recruiters, line managers and human resource (HR) professionals, and providers of humanitarian learning and assessment services.

Services provided:

1. Online platform where aid workers highlight their skills and experiences and where agencies recruit skilled staff and volunteers.

2. Digital badging for humanitarians and organisations, enabling learning, skills and experience to be recognised by employers and learning providers

3. Quality Standards for Humanitarian Learning and Assessment developed by and for learning providers to support quality service delivery throughout the sector. As the leading capacities developement agency, RedR UK took an active role in developing these Quality Standards.