Humanitarian Partnerships

We enjoy working collaboratively

and are always happy to discuss ways we can work with others to build humanitarian capacity worldwide.

Here are some of our current partnerships.

Standardising Professional Development in the Humanitarian Sector

In partnership with Bioforce Institute, the Humanitarian Leadership Academy and Pearson Education.

Security Incident Information Management (SIIM)

In partnership with Insecurity Insight, Aid in Danger, the European Interagency Security Forum (EISF), implemented with the support of EU Humanitarian Aid.

INSO IV: Safety and Security - Kenya

In partnership with the International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO) and implemented with the support of European Commission - Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO).

Evaluating our Impact

In partnership with the University of Sussex.

RedR acknowledges the long and fruitful working relationship it has had with INSO in Kenya [...] Through this collaboration, RedR has worked with over 115 local and international organisations to visibly impact more than 130 participants in 2016 alone. This is a great opportunity for RedR to be such a significant catalyst for humanitarian workers and organisations - all thanks to INSO's support.

Sophie Nyokabi

Country Director, RedR's Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Office