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As technology develops, delivering skills no longer has to limit itself to face-to-face training.

It is now possible for people working in the field to have access to professional development via e-learning. This innovation is one that RedR is continuing to explore and expand.

A dedicated e-learning team

With the support of Lloyd's Charities Trust, RedR has had a dedicated team working on including elements of e-learning in its programmes since April 2016. Both 'Personal Security for Humanitarians' and 'Introduction to Humanitarianism in Urban Settings' have an e-learning component. RedR Mentors (who support aspiring humanitarians) are also trained entirely online.

In April 2017, the first urban training course to be delivered entirely on-line - 'Urban Humanitarianism' - is launched. It is immediately apparent from the breadth of interest that this method of training has a global reach. People from places as diverse as Zimbabwe, Greece and Pakistan have signed up to take the course. The digital platform we have chosen has the added advantage of working on very low bandwidth connections which ensures that even people with the most basic facilities are able to access the course.

A dedicated e-learning team

Lloyd's Charities Trust

Since 2013 RedR has been working in partnership with Lloyd’s Charities Trust, the grant-making charity of the Lloyd’s insurance market, in order to improve humanitarian response to urban disaster.
Recent funding has enabled RedR to include an urban element in many courses in our Open programme as well as specifically developing our first complete urban online course: 'Urban Humanitarianism', with 'Shelter in Urban Emergencies' and 'WASH in Urban Emergencies' still to come. It also enables the continuation of KnowledgePoint, our online technical support forum. Read more about this key strategic partnership.