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Unprecedented rainfall has killed over 1,400 people in Bangladesh, India and Nepal

Heavy rainfall in Nepal has impacted in Nepal's lower regions, the border districts of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal, and the western border districts of Bangladesh. Reports indicate that more than 41 million people are badly affected in the three countries.

The floods have led to large scale devastation of houses, property, agricultural land, health, sanitation and drinking water infrastructure, as well as roads, bridges, telecommunications and electricity. 

A team of RedR experts has conducted a rapid needs assessment, with staff highlighting gaps in the way the relief and response services are being resourced and delivered. 

RedR India is responding by organising real-time capacity building (RCTB), training staff and volunteers of local organisations on the ground, so that their response is effective and robust. Short courses cover three main areas: the effectiveness and quality of response; the promotion of public health, safe water and sanitation; and the organisation and targeting of relief distribution. Training will then be followed up to identify emerging learning needs. 

Our experience indicates that on site, real time, short duration training capsules inspire front line workers to take up tasks with timeliness and quality. This also helps agencies to transit from response to recovery actions.

Tanaji Sen

Executive director, RedR India