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Kerala is facing the worst floods in the last 100 years; triggered by excessive rainfall on 8th August 2018, monsoon floods and landslides have left at least 370 people dead and over 1 million people stranded in relief camps across the region.

Over the past two days, flood waters have begun to recede, allowing access to affected populations. Aid agencies, states governments, private organisations and national citizens from across the country are offering assistance to the affected communities.

Rescuers evacuate people from a flooded area to a safer place in Aluva, August 18, 2018. REUTERS/Sivaram V . Courtesy


RedR India is monitoring the situation in Kerala and coordinating with other agencies and NGO partners to gain further insights into the nature of the response and technical expertise needed. They anticipate a need for large-scale support in early and long-term recovery as people start to return home to rebuild their houses and livelihoods.

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