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In 2015 RedR UK worked with the University of Sussex to review the impact of its capacity-building services over the previous four years, to better understand and document evidence of the effectiveness, relevance, outcomes and impact of our capacity-building work.

In May 2017, RedR UK and the University of Sussex were awarded an early stage innovation grant from the Humanitarian Innovation Fund to test the recommendations identified in our earlier collaboration, the results of which are available here. The project, Innovative Impact Assessment in Humanitarian Capacity Building, ran for 11 months, until May 2018.

The overall aim of the project was to improve the impact of RedR UK’s capacity building services, by:

Increasing the likelihood of learning, behaviour change and results amongst learners by identifying and making more use of methodologies which promote these changes, and;

Making the measurement of these changes more feasible and more cost-effective by incorporating evaluation at Kirkpatrick levels 2 (learning) and 3 (behaviour change) into capacity building interventions.

To do so, and based on our earlier collaboration, three areas were considered in this project:

1. Ongoing engagement

2. Reflective practices

3. Role play/simulations with video capture.

This paper, prepared by Katie Robertson, Director of Enterprise Programmes at RedR UK, and Dr Anke Schwittay and Paul Braund of the University of Sussex, provides an overview of our findings in each area. Read the full paper here.