Structural Detailing and Damage Assessment (Iraq and Syria)


Structural Detailing and Damage Assessment (Iraq and Syria)

Develop your structural engineering skills to assess damage and make informed decisions on whether to repair or dismantle a damaged building

Structural engineers are crucial to improving building safety and disaster resilience. This course will improve the ability of structural engineers to better assess damages and make informed decisions on whether to repair or dismantle a building, or seek expert advice.

Through a blended learning approach, participants will cover simple tools for structural assessment, adequate structural detailing and related quality control. This will lead to improved knowledge and increased resilience of houses and 3-story buildings.

It will therefore improve the resilience of buildings to future disasters by improving the structural detailing and, improve the quality of construction by improving quality control and construction supervision. The course will focus on the (re-) construction activities by the aid organisations within the respective shelter clusters which have highlighted the need for such training. As such, the impact will be mostly within the housing sectors and related public buildings such as schools and health centres.

This course is six weeks, composed of six live sessions, with individual and group work assigned between each session.

What does the course cover?

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between earthquake and blast loading and the critical design considerations for each
  • Determine the fundamental behaviour of a structural system and how will load transfer throughout the structure.
  • Determine the types of failure that can occur in a local element and how to visually identify them on site.
  • Describe the methods of structural analysis for the purpose of performance based design.
  • Determine the most suitable retrofit approach for different structural defects locally or globally.
  • Describe good construction practice for a retrofit or repair for resilient structure.

Course Structure

This course is a blended learning programme comprising the following each week. Participants can expect to spend roughly 5 hours a week on the course:

  • Preparatory, self-guided pre-course study, ran on RedR UKs e-learning site, Moodle.
  • Live online facilitated sessions, ran on Zoom.
  • Asynchronous collaborative and/or solo work in between the facilitated sessions, such as working on a case study.

The programme will be run over a six-week period, between 14th March 2022, and 23rd April 2022. Facilitated sessions will be delivered on Tuesdays, to allow time for collaborative work and self-study. The live sessions will be hosted at 10.00am - 12.30pm GMT on:

  1. Tuesday 15th March 2022
  2. Tuesday 22nd March 2022
  3. Tuesday 29th March 2022
  4. Tuesday 5th April 2022
  5. Tuesday 12th April 2022
  6. Tuesday 19th April 2022

Participants will be expected to have a stable internet connection and to actively participate in all facilitated sessions. Participants will receive instructions on how to join the course after registration.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed specifically at structural engineers working in the assessment and repair of structures in Syria and Iraq. The engineers will come primarily from NGOs working in these countries, but also from the UN, Government and private sector and will be recommended for the course by the relevant Shelter Coordination groups in country.

HPass Badge

Upon completion of the course, participants will be eligible to apply for a HPass Badge, a digital indicator of achievement, and a way for participants to demonstrate their skills and experience in the humanitarian sector. You can find more information on HPass Badges here.

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Course Overview

Course Length
42 days
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