Humanitarian Coaching

Security Incident Information Management Project (SIIM)

RedR UK led a consortium on the Security Incident Information Management Project (SIIM) from 2016-2018.

The project has worked to improve the collection, sharing, and analysis of security incident data across the humanitarian sector, providing context-specific actionable intelligence to support field and HQ level decision making. 

RedR UK worked directly with 21 national and international organisations around the world to identify gaps in their security mechanisms and implement processes to address them. Senior Managers, Security Professionals, Human Resource and Programme Personnel received in-person and online training to develop practical solutions. Following the training, participants received 6 hours of individual coaching, resulting in embedded organisational change.

The most useful part of the coaching was having] the time to sit, and discuss at length, a security challenge facing the organisation with a dedicated mentor/coach. This has been very helpful to focus my mind and enabled me to reflect on my work. Another perspective on the organisation is great. Also, it has helped invigorate me in facing and overcoming organisational challenges.

RedR UK Coaching Participant

SIIM Project