Humanitarian Coaching

RedR UK Coaching: The Context Programme

RedR UK was an implementing partner for Oxfam International and the Context Programme from 2015-2017.

The project contained two long-term learning streams - Management and Leadership, and Core Humanitarian Skills - designed for middle to senior management, and field level staff respectively.

Coaching was a central component of the project. Upon completion of the training, Management and Leadership participants received three hours of individual coaching, and subsequently went on to deliver one-to-one coaching to the Core Humanitarian Skills participants. Over three years, the programme worked with 320 participants who received over 500 hours of coaching, 75% of participants rated their coaching as very beneficial or extremely beneficial.

I applied some personal action points from the action plans, such as … changing my ways of expressing and reducing stress by creating a new communication protocol within the team and with some stakeholders.

RedR UK Coaching Participant

Context Core Skills, Lebanon